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As our research is multidisciplinary and the projects we undertake are large in scope, we rely on collaborations to bring our research to fruition. Several collaborations with national and international researchers have already been established. Below is a list of active collaborations

Prof. Etienne Baranoff (University of Birmingham); Luminescent materials
Prof. David Beljonne (University of Mons); Computations
Prof. Henk Bolink (University of Valencia); LEEC applications
Prof. Luisa De Cola (UniversitÚ de Strasbourg); Luminescent materials
Dr Daniel Escudero (University of Nantes); Computations
Prof. Malte Gather (University of St Andrews); OLEDs
Prof. Veronique Guerchais (University of Rennes); Iridium complexes
Prof. Garry Hanan (University of Montreal); Solar fuels
Prof. Michaele Hardie (University of Leeds); Supramolecular assemblies
Dr Conor Hogan (La Trobe University); Electrochemiluminescence
Prof. Denis Jacquemin (University of Nantes); Computations
Prof. Paul Kamer (University of St Andrews); Ligand synthesis
Prof. Daniel Leznoff (Simon Fraser University); Coordination polymers
Dr Yoann Olivier (University of Mons); Computations
Dr Max Massi (Curtin University); Lanthanoid complexes and bio-imaging
Dr Nitin Patil (NCL); Luminescent organic materials
Prof. Jeremy Rawson (University of Windsor); Ligand design
Prof. Neil Robertson (University of Edinburgh); Solar cells
Prof. Ifor Samuel (University of St Andrews); OLEDs and ultra-fast emission spectroscoy
Prof. Han Sen Soo (Nanyang Technological University); Ar-BIAN Complexes
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