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Organic & Organometallic Optoelectronic Materials

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Courses and Tutorials at St Andrews

CH1401 Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (autumn, 2013 - tutorials)
CH2501 Inorganic Chemistry 2 (autumn, 2013-2017)
CH3512 Organometallic Chemistry (autumn, 2013-2017 - tutorials)
CH3514 Physical Inorganic Chemistry (winter 2015, autumn, 2015-2017)
CH4514 Advanced Metal Chemistry (autumn, 2015-2017)
CH4455 Advanced Metal Chemistry:The Heavier Elements Distance Learning Module (winter, 2016-2018)
CH5461 Integrating Chemistry (autumn, 2013-2017 - tutorials)
CH5517 Advanced Molecular Inorganic Chemistry (winter, 2014-2018)

Courses at Universite de Sherbrooke (in French)

COR300 - Organic Chemistry I (autumn, 2010)
CHM302 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory Course (winter, 2013)
COR400 - Organic Chemistry III (summer, 2012)
COR709 - Macromolecular and Supramolecular Chemistry)

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