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Organic & Organometallic Optoelectronic Materials

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  • Feb. 4, 2019
    EPSRC Funded
    In collaboration with Ifor Samuel, Graham Turnbull and Malte Gather we have just been awarded an EPSRC grant related to advanced materials development, as part of an international consortium, with major links with Chihaya Adachi at OPERA at Kyushu University. See link.
  • Apr. 6, 2018
    The group welcomes Abhishek
    Dr. Abhishek Gupta joins the group as a Newton Fellow, co-supervised by Prof. Ifor Samuel, to work on TADF emitters.
  • Apr. 6, 2018
    Congratulations Laura!
    Congratulations to Laura for having won an RSC travel grant to attend the ICCC this summer in Sendai, Japan.
  • Apr. 3, 2018
    Paper accepted!
    Congratulations to Claus for his paper accepted in J. Mat. Chem. C. in collaboration with Veronique Guerchais (Rennes) and Henk Bolink's group (Valencia).
  • Mar. 28, 2018
    The group welcomes Samia
    Samia Zaheer joins the group for 3 months to work on luminescent MOFs.
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Welcome to the Zysman-Colman Group0 The EaStCHEM School of Chemistry on the North Haugh1 Beautiful St Andrews, Fife, UK2 Organic & Organometallic Optoelectronic Materials3 Luminophore Design for solid-state lighting4 Electroluminescent Devices5 Photoredox Catalysis6 Recent publications7 Recent publications8 Recent publications9 Recent publications10 Recent publications11 Recent publications12 Recent publications13 The Team14 The Team15
"The most fundamental and lasting objective of synthesis is not production of new compounds, but production of properties."
George S. Hammond, Norris Award Lecture, 1968

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